First, lets take a moment to acknowledge your courage for exploring the idea of coming to therapy, as well as taking the time to find a therapist that best suits your needs. There must be something you've noticed within yourself, relationships, and life that has led you to this page.

Coming to therapy means that you are dedicated and committed to understanding yourself deeply. It means that you are willing to question your own truths, give meaning to your experiences, and develop greater heights of self-awareness.

My role as your therapist is to lead you to yourself; in this I help bring attention to what is already within you. Together we co-create space for self-discovery and self-understanding as we unravel the matter at hand; uncovering deeper meanings, developing a greater focus for your life, and present moment. This process leads to transformative growth, change, and a heightened level of awareness both within yourself and the world around you; it requires dedication in committing to participating in the pursuit of being your best self.

Understanding oneself comes as a process, and I stand beside you as we explore all aspects of what has brought you here. You can’t move from one place to another without experiencing the distance between there and here. No matter how much we try to escape where we are, we are always still here. As we age we unconsciously and consciously carve out space for what cannot escape the spotlight; we become more aware of what needs our attention.

We all have the ability to rise out of where we have found ourselves.


A little about me…

I am lover of dogs, and my dog’s name is Pilot. I am a writer. I love Philosophy. My favorite philosophers are Simone de Beauvoir, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Maurice Blanchot, and Hans-Georg Gadamer. My Therapeutic approach is influenced by (but not limited to) the works of Rollo May, Irvin Yalom, Donnel B. Stern, and Daniel Siegel. On my spare time I read, write, take photos, and surround myself within nature. I also love exploring creativity, the creative process, and the relationship creativity has with the human being.